CEO & Owner

Skyler is a trained professional from the Brooks Institute in all fields of media production, where he received a BFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Digital Media Studies. Once graduated, he has been pursuing his life long goal of owning & managing a production company that caters to everyone in need. ( Start Ups, Businesses, & Non - Profits ) 

Media Marketing Manager

Leanna is the head of the Media Marketing operation here at My World Productions. She handles all past & present and future client marketing needs. With making sure daily goals are met within her team, she comes up with new innovative ways to promote each individual client differently.

Lead Sales Supervisor 

Thomas has been a great help with truly understanding client needs and what MyWorld can do to help. Tom is an excellent addition to the team due to his background in sales and customer service. He shows MWP daily how capable he is in managing clients needs, scheduled appointments, and tracking sales within each appointment and online.