PHOTOS4FILTERS / Supplying Water Filtration 4 Families In Need

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Our Mission

We wantto get every individual looking to make a difference in the worldactive within the community. We provide weekly challenges to help promote positive ways of improving your daily routineswhile encouraging all individuals to keep better serving the community. Remember to always conserve, encourage, educate and understand what is needed today to make a cleaner environment for our society! That all starts with #CleanWater!

Our combined team with FFCC, A Non - Profit Organization consisting of experienced doctors, nurses, pharmacists, & volunteer. Together we are dedicated to providing ranges of services for families in need. Photos 4 Filters was created to take on one of the bigger crisis we are having in our world today, unsanitary water. We take many hours of time to travel, treat, and provide effective education to all individuals in need along our way. Clean water filtration, along side of medical and dental care, are extremely important for every individuals needs for a better chance of survival. To ensure we get yet another successful outcome this upcoming trip, we will be teaming up with FFCC to provide the best care we can for the people of Haiti. We're proud that say, together we are making a change in the world one filter at a time! Help Us Help Many!


"water Is Life, Preserve It!"