The Training Room / Santa Barbara, Ca

Package: Monthly Media Management & Youtube Channel 

TRAINING ROOM and GYM in Santa Barbara features:

  • A Doctor in Sports Medicine working with a team of Professional Trainers with advanced credentials to give you custom tailored and progressive training plans.

  • A choice of professional or self-managed fitness training at the GYM.

  • A Sports Medicine Clinic providing comprehensive quality medical care, treatment and fitness specialization.

  • Available to anyone are a health assessment and exercise prescription for different health challenges or limitations.

  • Fitness training programs usually tailored to top athletes are now available to you and make achieving health goals a reality.

  • A Two Level GYM with large windows overlooking a beautiful view of the Santa Barbara Riviera.

  • Our GYM is free of useless or underperforming equipment. The GYM is equipped with only the best, because the best is all you need.

  • Committed Professional Trainers with unmatched experience, in Santa Barbara, who have worked with numerous medical conditions and all sorts of fitness levels and health circumstances.

  • Insurance is accepted for injuries covered by your workers compensation or health insurance plan. Contact our facility and inquire about the details.


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